Do The Pros of Using Instagram Story Outweigh The Cons?

Since Instagram has added a story feature, a lot of people made a fuss about it initially saying the feature is almost alike the Snapchat story feature. However, slowly and gradually, more people started enjoying it and using it more often that it has now become quite popular for both personal and commercial means. It is observed that people enjoy mentioning all updates of their lives and sharing joys and sorrows through Instagram stories as well as several companies are using it to access their target audience from all around the world.

What’s The Use of Instagram Stories For Business?

Did you ever think that Instagram stories can be a genuine way the promotion of your business? If not, then you must have to change your perspective as a lot of entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this feature to get engagement on their main website. 

When you buy Instagram story views for more views, your account can get to appear on the Instagram explore page. This will further help in increasing your Instagram followers and leading them to convert into buyers with the right business strategy. 

However, like any other feature of a social app, there comeboth pros and cons of using Instagram stories for marketing. If there are many advantages of using Instagram stories for marketing purposes, then there are also some disadvantages associated with it. It’s therefore, necessary to know both of them so you can conclude whether it will be beneficial for your business or not. 


Fun and Easy To Use

Instagram stories have been an easy way to share a variety of content on your Instagram account. It doesn’t necessarily represent your brand but, you can also share anything you find interesting with your followers so they can enjoy it too. 

Brings You On The Explorer Page

Are you interested in buyingig story views for your business account? You can do so by choosing a reliable source that is providing views from genuine accounts. It will be very effective in boosting your Insta story views in lesser time than it usually takes. Because Instagram stories are expired after 24 hours, you need maximum views earlier as possible to get your stories showing up on the explorer page. 

Highly Interactive

Since people love to share and view stories on Instagram, you can share a lot of valuable content associated with your business through stories with your viewers and followers and increase engagement.

Link Your Website

If you have 10k+ followers, you can unlock the swipe-up feature to add a link to your website to your story. It will lead the viewers to the website you want and helps in increasing traffic on the website.

Establishes Connections

Since a vast number of people have already been using Instagram stories, it gives you an opportunity for direct interaction with your followers. You can build direct, long-term relations with your customers that aren’t possible through the


Disappears/Expires After 24 Hours

Though it’s helpful to share such information or updates through stories that won’t be required in the future, you can’t upload basic information of your business in the stories unless you are going to put them in the highlight too. 

Difficult To Reply To Story DM’s

No matter how hard you try, you can’t manage to reply to every DM you receive on your story. This may affect your views as the majority of the people perceive that they aren’t going to receive a reply from you. 

Wrapping It!

After going through the above-listed pros and cons we can conclude that if you go for the right strategy to manage your Instagram business account, it can leverage your business in several ways rather than having a negative impact.

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