Marketers Quick Guide to Instagram Reels in 2021

Instagram is everyone’s favorite go to social media platform. With a wide array of cool features, Instagram commands over 1.074 billion active users, on a monthly basis. Although, all of Instagram features are awesome. However, there is one feature, which has been making waves, ever since it launched a year ago. We are talking about Instagram Reels.This feature saw the dawn of the day back in the August of 2020. Launched across 50 nations, it quickly grabbed users. In essence, Instagram Reels gave a tough competition to the biggest video-sharing focal platform, the mighty TikTok.

Now, after a year of its launch, Instagram Reels has been doing really well. In the past year, the feature has been widely used by brands for marketing, and advertising. Popular brands and entities such as the Red Bull, Louis Vuitton, NBA, and Balmain have deeply inculcated Instagram Reels into their branding and marketing strategies. In fact, NBA reported a 22% increase in engagement rate with the use of Instagram Reels.

What is the hype all about Instagram Reels? Well, here is a quick guide for marketers to Instagram Reels in 2021. With this guide, marketers will gain an integral understanding of Instagram Reels. Let us get started with a brief introduction of Instagram Reels.

About Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels enables Instagram users to create a video of 15-30 seconds. Moreover, it allow users to edit the videos with AR effects, audios, display settings, and multi-clip format. Although, the platform’s features and nature is synonymous withTikTok. However, Instagram Reels enables its users to add a touch of their self-expression with over the top customization features.

In addition, if you have a public profile, you can easily share your Reels with your followers and other Instagram users around the world.

What Instagram Reels offers you?

Instagram Reels is a fun and cool way to create short videos with your Instagram app. Now, as you get to the Instagram camera option, you will be able to see certain editing features or tools. You will see the tool lit on the left side of your screen of the Instagram Reels.

The best editing tool in Instagram Reels is the Augmented Reality (AR) option. This app enables you to try on the biggest revolutionary trend in the modern tech world. In addition, Reels provides you with the audio option. With this option, users can try on various sounds, available by Reels. You can also put popular songs on your Reels.

Still, you can also post Reels with its original recorded audio. In that case, if you have a public account, other Instagram users can use your audio, as well.

Moreover, Reels offers the speeding and aligning option. With the speed option, you can accelerate the pace of your video or add the slow-motion effect. The aligning option enables you to mix various clips, and make a seamless transitioning in your video. Reels also provides you the countdown and timer option.

Reels offers unprecedented flexibility when it comes to creating and sharing reels. You can adapt the style and trends of other global users on the app. Moreover, the sharing on Reels is quite effortless.

Is Instagram Reels worth the usage?

Now, this is a rational question. Because, why use Instagram Reels, when you have TikTok. However, Instagram Reels has been performing phenomenally, since its launch. The statistics hint about bright future for Instagram Reels. With its launch last year, the global Instagram usage increased by 3.5%. In addition, Instagram Reels was picked by various internationally famous entities. These include Red Bull, Louis Vuitton, Sephora, NBA, Los Angeles Lakers, Balmain, and the Houston Rockets. All of these entities reported positive changes due to Instagram Reels usage. Which makes it evident that Instagram Reels s vital for boosting brand reach, and awareness. In fact, marketers also buy Instagram Reels likes make the best out of it.

Up next, Instagram Reels is a great option, as it is integrated with Instagram. This makes it flexible and user-friendly to use. Moreover, it seems just like an added built-in feature with Instagram. It is not an added liability in terms of a new app, which makes it great.

Instagram Reels will surely have a league of its own in near future. As Instagram is the best platform for branding and influencers, Reels will follow suit.

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